Celebrate Orca Action Month in June

Host or attend an event or do something to help the recovery of orcas

This year’s Orca Action Month theme is Clean Water, Healthy Futures. Pollution in the environment is one of the three threats facing orcas. It comes from untreated stormwater, industrial discharges, and decades-old sources that persist in the environment. With an abundance of policies addressing toxic pollutants in Washington State this year, along with rising concern about the tire chemical 6PPD-Q and increased focus on how environmental pollution disproportionately impacts some low-income and minority communities, this is an opportune time to raise awareness and collectively envision a clean water future. Throughout the month of June, event participants will learn about toxic substances threatening orcas, salmon, and people alike and will be empowered to take actions promoting healthier futures for all. See event details at Orca Action Month