Governor’s Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force

Hear and See Whales

  • Center for Whale Research‘s population census information and photographic identification of orcas
  • Center for Whale Research’s Web site to hear orca calls, blows, and more
  • The Whale Trail guide for watching whales from British Columbia to southern California
  • Orcasound’s Web site to listen to underwater microphones
  • The Whale Museum’s Webcam to see orcas near Lime Kiln Point State Park

For Boaters

For Teachers

Orca Videos

  • SeaDoc and other conservation partners bring the latest high-tech gear into the fight to save endangered Southern Resident killer whales.
  • Eba + Orcas, a story of Eba, a dog that can tell when orcas are near.
  • Salish Sea Wild, Team SeaDoc works with scientists trying to save the Salish Sea’s most iconic and endangered species: the Southern Resident killer whale.

Podcasts and Webinars

Salmon and Watershed Recovery

Salmon Hatcheries

Recovery Plans and Information

Other Resources

  • Orca Network, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of the Pacific Northwest whales

Photograph by Jeanne Hyde