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Recommendation: 40

Status: Underway

Better align existing nonpoint programs with nutrient reduction activities and explore new ways to achieve the necessary nonpoint source nutrient reductions.


Action 1

Set minimum best management practices for handling nonpoint source pollution. Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that is not from a single, identified source.

Implementation Details

The Washington Department of Ecology should establish minimum requirements for best management practices for handling nonpoint source pollution to ensure water quality standards are met. Existing programs could be expanded to address known problems related to nutrient runoff from agricultural, suburban, urban, and rural land-use activities. Many of these implementation actions have multiple benefits for water quality, including nutrient reduction.

Recent Progress

  • The Department of Ecology has outlined a plan for reducing nutrients in Puget Sound and continues to work with stakeholders and experts to explore broad-based strategies for nutrient reduction, including from nonpoint pollution.
  • The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission received $2.6 million ($1.3 million for Puget Sound) for Clean Vessel Pump Out grants to minimize sewage.

More details may be found in the progress reports in theĀ resources library.